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Be the Future

A New Century of Impact

Global Experience, Bringing the World to Egypt, Bringing Egypt to the World

Egypt deserves a university strong enough to attract outstanding professors from around the world — strong enough to be, by this critical measure, one of the world’s great universities.

Centennial Scholars, Supporting the Promise of Tomorrow

AUC has been a beacon for talented students, regardless of their background. They all share a thirst for knowledge, a healthy sense of ambition and a passion to help their communities and their country.

Creative Incubator, Embracing the Role as a Global Crossroads

Great ideas are the product of collaboration between cultures, disciplines, and belief systems. We will use our two campuses as incubators for innovative solutions, inspiring visions and effective initiatives.

The El Mostakbal: The Middle East Looking Forward, Leading the Conversation about Tomorrow’s Middle East

AUC proudly stands as crossroads for the world’s cultures and has always assumed a role in exploring and addressing both domestic and regional challenges and utilizing its capabilities to find potential solutions.

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