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Be the Future

Community Carnival

Program of the Day

Street Performances — Catch live acts and entertainment throughout Bartlett Plaza. Watch a sneak peek here.

12:15 pm — Musical Performance by Shady ElMestekawy

12:30 pm — Musical Performance by RnDee (AUC Student)

1:00 pm — Musical Performance by Mohamed Abaza ’05 and Ali Abdel Ghany

1:30 pm — Musical Performance by Rowan Maher ’18

2:00 pm — Break Dancing Performance by Legalize It Crew

2:30 pm — International Food Parade powered by SU. Go Around the World in One Day, and indulge in the international flavors that celebrate our diverse global community.

3:00 pm — Fashion Show (Outside Moataz Al Alfi Hall). Enjoy a live runway show by AUC alumni and students. Watch a sneak peek here.

4:00 pm — Musical Performance by Insjam

All-Day Activities

International Food Festival Powerd by SU  — Go Around the World in One Day, and indulge
in the international flavors that celebrate our diverse global community.

VR: AUC2120 Virtual Reality Experience — Step into the future and explore AUC through the next 100 years. Watch a sneak peek here.

Sci-Tech Hub

  • Digital Egyptology — Explore Egypt’s rich archaeological heritage, preserved digitally in exceptionally high-resolution.
  • Invention Holograms — Check out AUC’s latest breakthrough inventions displayed as holograms.
  • Typography Lab — Learn about the fascinating Arabic alphabet in the past 1,400 years.
  • NextArch Exhibition — Find out where urban expansion has taken us over the past few decades.

Science Fun Lab — Learn about the exciting laws of physics, chemistry and much more at the Fun Lab show, and explore the galaxy at the Fun Lab’s planetarium.

Creswell’s Cairo Collection — Explore the extraordinary work of Sir K.A.C. at the library exhibition showcasing his documentation of Cairo’s Islamic monuments 100 years ago.

Scavenger Hunt — Collect clues from various locations on campus, use them to guess a secret phrase, and win fantastic prizes.

Carnival Games — Magic mirror, balloon darts, horse racing

Centennial Merchandise Store — Drop by the centennial store, and pick up branded items to remind you of the amazing time you had at Community Carnival.

Give100 Booth — Don’t forget to support scholarships and empower students with a transformative AUC education.

Kids Zone — Keep your kids engaged with mind-stimulating activities. For more information about the Kids Zone, click here.

Children outside the Kids Zone should be accompanied by an adult at all times.

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