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Be the Future

Behind The Logo

The winning logo features the intersecting pentagons as a key component in the heart of the centennial logo, the historic pentagons particularly represent a remarkable point of AUC’s history when President Christopher Thoron and illustrator Naim Fahmi introduced AUC’s first emblem that contained the pentagons which shaped our first logo in 1970.

The pentagons were added in the heart of the number 100 to signify motion that goes beyond the first hundred years of our history, which reflects the very reason why these pentagons were first chosen by Thoron and Fahmi as they thought it gave thoughts of motion. This design symbolizes the number 100 as it makes a direct allusion to the remarkable centennial celebration (100 years). In addition, the number 100 in numerology represents independence, wholeness and infinite potential which best characterize AUC as an institution and as a community.

The logo is designed by Raghda Barakat, graphic designer and video editor in Engineering and Science Services.

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